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The heart is closer to God than the mind. Hence surrender comes from the heart easily. Resistance comes from the mind. The mind is outward looking. The heart is inward looking. Which is why when you settle in the heart, you feel whole, complete. And when you settle in the mind, you wander as far as the space allows. Surrender is always considered counter productive, against the will of man, a sign of weakness.

But to surrender to the will of God is what takes more courage and strength than to stand up and fight the mind of man.

When I speak of surrender, I am speaking from my heart. I am residing in the spot from where the sights and sounds arise. In that space there is nothing but love to know, experience and give. That love isnt an emotion. It is existence itself to me.

It is this kind of an all pervading love that I want to live in - owning everything, and being owned by everything. A non-exclusive, unmanifested part of everything.

Happy Janmashtami to all!

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