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Workshops and Mentoring 


From 'I don't get ideas' to

'I can write anything'

Why do children fear writing?

Because they think they 'don't know' how to write. They think 'writing' is a talent that they do not inherently possess. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a myth that needs to be debunked. The first thing a writing coach must do is to make children believe that they can write. But they cannot write anything unless and until they have used her thinking capabilities to produce ideas. Since ideas precede writing, it is imperative that the mentor gives rigorous exercises to their brain and draws out the thoughts that have been laying dormant inside the young heads. This is where Asha’s coaching begins to work.

Her 3 & 5 days workshops open the windows of young minds and give them a sneak view of their capabilities. Many of those who have attended her workshops have later taken regular tuition and long term mentorship programs. 

The mentorship programs are informal, fun and sustained and is aimed at building the children's confidence in writing. Evoking the child's interest in literary forms of expression, motivating them to explore their capabilities is key to her tutoring method. 

In the new scenario arising out of Covid-19, workshops and classes are held online. If you have queries about the same, do write in.


Endorsed by students

Toshita Sudhakar


Lakshmisree Raju

"My learning experience with Asha ma’am has helped me gain a better understanding of the English language and its intricacies. The unique nature of her classes encourages students to learn through introspection and analysis. She taught me all the concepts with great clarity, which enabled me to take on any writing or language-related task with gusto, helping me achieve my objectives throughout high school and college. Learning with Asha ma’am will be a transformative experience, helping you overcome your language limitations and setting you free to express your thoughts."

Vyshnav S Nair

The University of Hongkong

"I am an engineering graduate and I have been under a lot of teachers but so far, Asha ma'am is the  only one who, I feel, put the most effort and passion into the job. She piqued my interest in writing and public speaking, and her positivity and encouragement always brightened my days.

She owns the credit of every word I write. Apart from the betterment of my English language, she also played a major role in making me a well-rounded human being."

Ashish Vinesh

Vellore Inst. of Tech


"Asha ma’am’s classes are always a joy to attend. Unlike the usual classes which set a course limited to the textbooks, her classes take learning to a practical level, due to which we are able to apply this knowledge more effectively. She pays keen interest to every student, which makes learning more enjoyable. Under her, learning is no longer a monotonous routine, but a path to discovery. She focuses on the subtle details of grammar, which helped me to overcome the fear of attending exams. I was also able to improve my vocabulary and creative writing skills to a great extend under her mentorship. Moreover, she is a wonderful mentor who is very approachable. It was a pleasure and a privilege to learn under her."

Akhil G K (2 Semester)

 NIT, Kozhikode

"Ma’am, it’s been a year since I joined your class and already I am able to see a lot of change and improvement in me. I have also learnt how to think. It has become a lot easier for me to get ideas. After attending your classes, I have got interested in reading and I have started reading a lot of books. So, I am also able to learn new words and phrases to use in my writing. You have taught me how to write and I have started liking it. I love the way you teach with a little fun involved in it. Thank you so much for teaching me and making me a different and a better person."

Lakshmisree Raju

Gr 8, Indian School Ghubra


"I have improved a lot in writing as well as grammar. In writing I have been able to expand more on my thoughts and vocabulary. I have learnt to sit and think and work more. I have also learned to use literary devices in my writing.

In grammar, I have started writing answers by understanding the concept. Earlier, I used to learn it by heart. I am able to understand the lessons with more clarity when you explain. the teachers in our school don’t explain with full clarity because they think we already know it. Thank you ma'am!"

Pavitra Nair

Gr 8, Indian School Ghubra


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