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Below is the complete selection of titles by Asha Iyer Kumar

Sand Storms, Summer Rains

September, 2022

Asha's debut  work of 2009, republished in 2022, portrays two protagonists working in the Middle East, where Asha has spent the past 25 years. Life in the Gulf has been a recurring theme in Asha’s stories, bringing out different shades of expat living here.  Sand Storms, Summer Rains was one of the first English novels to be published by an immigrant.


Hymns From The Heart / Poetry

December, 2015

Using simple language to impress profound thoughts on Love in its purest form, 'Hymns from the Heart' is a melody that will touch and heal the heart. Each verse appeals to the highest order of aesthetics in a unique way and gently taps into the poetry that lies slumbering in each of us. It works like a salve to soothe the soul hassled by modern, material concerns. It is a symbol of what defines our existence - Love and its spiritual magnificence.

Let it be, Love

October, 2018

There is a lot more to marriage than just living together. There can be yawning gaps between two people sharing the same home space or there can be a closeness that physical distance cannot wipe away. There is no one way to keep the relationship ticking. No set rules except the resolve to keep it, any which way.

In this collection of three stories, Asha Iyer Kumar teases out moments from the lives of three dissimilar couples and takes us on a ride that traces queer conjugal conundrums.

Was Amazon Best  Seller

After The Rain - Stories that bind us

September, 2019

Is closure important in life?
Among life’s endless oddities, regret has a special place. The ‘what ifs’ and ‘only ifs’ assail us right from the childhood until the fag end of our lives. And closure is an elusive state that some of us receive, some of us construct, and still some of us never see it at all. When an aging actress re-examines her journey, a doting husband obsesses over the perfect gift, two lovers try to find privacy, a human statue looks for worth, and an old couple find friendship by chance—they are all hoping for closure.

Life is an emoji - Write ups and Reflections

September, 2020

Are there readymade solutions to the niggling everyday problems in life?


Is there a standard operating procedure to deal with our internal and external conflicts?


So, how do we find answers to life’s myriad problems and know which direction to steer our boats?

By pondering over the wherefores and asking the right questions to ourselves.

1Life Original 6x9 - Copy (2).jpg

Where is life conceived? What is the source of existence? What bears excruciating pain and power at the same time?

The womb.

In this collection of twelve stories Asha Iyer Kumar tells us how people are inevitably bound to what they create. This binding will make them despair, expect, and hope for their progeny’s future. 

Immerse yourself in their stories to find out if they triumph or they carry the pain in their wombs for ever.

These are stories that explore the parent-child connection from diverse angles. Each that will resonate deeply with you.

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amazon india

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