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To Be in Eternal Love

….To be in eternal love

You must pound and pack yourself

in a nutshell. Become a kernel.

Shove yourself into some profound space

And wait,

With sweet slumber for company.

The earth knows how to converse with the skies,

Their distance is a delusion,

Their hearts have a common beat,

They send frequent missives.

When the secret of a sleeping seed

reaches the skies,

It will rain.

The waters will soak the soil

with heaven’s incense,

Slowly, they will seep into the ground,

Beatifying all that they touch,

And breathe life into an impending spring.

Deep inside,

A seed will stir awake, knowing

its time has come

to become love’s ultimate synonym.

Soon it will flower, spill

and scatter pollen grains

All over the wind’s wide domain.

When the essence has permeated –

Here, there, everywhere,

Ask in silence

If you ever had a name…

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