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My Blue Ship

9.30 AM.

January 1, 2021.

Waking up to a New Year, long after earthlings around me had risen, I pull the curtains on the large French window next to the bed open and look far out into the sea.

The dust and grime of the desert has stained the window from the outside and it irks my eyes briefly. But the view beyond it is too vast and grand to be blurred by a murky window-pane and I peer into the expanse on the other side.

It must have rained somewhere while I was asleep; somewhere the earth must have tingled in the seasonal joy, for the haze that usually hangs over the ocean has miraculously cleared and I can now see as far as eternity. Even the waves are in motion today, rolling and crashing within my sight. It’s not so clear from this distance on most days, but today, strangely everything looks accented as if they had just materialized.

There are a couple of cargo ships at the far end, so close to the horizon that it feels they are on the verge of the earth, likely to fall off anytime. When I was little, I had believed that the horizon was the boundary of the human world and God lived somewhere outside that. Today, I know better.

I take in the pretty sight of small yachts with their hoisted sails dotting the sea and I remember a childhood rhyme-

Dip, dip, dip, my blue ship, sailing in the water….

How fortunate that in a year of storms my blue ship only dipped and didn't drown, I think.

How blessed that the ship is now sailing in the water and is not sunken forever!

I am grateful.

To rise in the New Year, to view the sea first thing, to take in the expanse with my tiny eyes, to be able to see beyond a dusty window, to realize that my worst nightmares didn’t kill me in sleep, to know that there are no real horizons, to acknowledge that if anything is real, it is eternity and all else are mere strokes of paint in a grand canvas.

To melt in that understanding.

To be a witness to everything.

To be in love every day.

To touch fellow human lives.

To live afresh every moment.

May this be my true ambition, even when I am dabbling in mundane, everyday things.


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