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Looking From Here, Looking From There

Remember me talking about the French window on the 25th floor of our home?

Like all linear ledges, there are two ends to it. One is my favoured morning spot where, by default, I rest back and watch the world pass by till I finish my coffee/tea. By now, I exactly know the scope and limits of my views within the frames of the window, how far I can see and what.

Last week, one day, I decided to sit on the opposite side to know what it looked like from the other side. No prizes for guessing – it gave me a completely different perspective of the world outside which I wouldn’t have seen had I not changed positions.

Although the comfort of familiarity prods me to reiterate that the routine spot is still my favourite, I know better now. Neither spot is superior, they are just two different views of the world through the same window. What outlines their relative merits is my own preferences and prejudices.

Now, I consciously alternate between the two ends and I am getting used to the other view. At times, I stand in the middle and take them together in a single frame to see a binary truth depicted.

The open vistas on one side and the concrete cityscape on the other.

Like day and night.

Love and lovelessness.

White and black.

The yin and yang concept of life becomes apparent to me, yet again.

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