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Asha Iyer Kumar's latest release, That Pain in the Womb, is a collection of twelve soul-stirring short stories about the dynamic nature of relationships shared between parents and their offspring.

It is a set of insightful stories that examine equations where individual freedom and correctness are contested.

How do people in the stories respond when they are challenged to change their fates? How do they recalibrate their lives? 

These are stories with unexpected endings, and characters that you will relate to closely. 



That Pain in the Womb

  • Asha Iyer Kumar's "That Pain in the Womb" is a collection of soul-stirring short stories that touch a gamut of human sensitivities. Every story has characters that one can deeply relate with. Virtues and vices of these characters are brought out in a humane way and the reader often feels that they have met someone similar in their lives. Asha weaves the stories in such a way that the readers will relish the gripping twists and turns and the unexpected endings of each work in the collection. A must-read for anyone expecting to experience thrill through short-stories!

  • Interesting and gripping read. Lucid language used is very user friendly. Contemporary background makes it relatable. In stories like 'Salma's Silence' there is an element of sadness but narration keeps the participative curiosity of the reader high, so as I read it i was cooking my own versions as the child was himself exploring facts. Loved that. Keep up the effort Asha Iyer Kumar.

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