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Asha is the founder of I Bloom FZE, a life-writing coaching enterprise based in Dubai that aims to bring the craft of writing and the art of living together.

As an author, children's writing coach, and youth motivational speaker, Asha aims to use the power of story writing to relate to and understand the world around her, and transform young people's lives by helping them recognize the  subtle and sublime aspects of life through the written word. It has also taken her on an inward journey, giving reflections of the unknown quarters within her.

The discoveries she made in her literary journey inspired her to share the valuable lessons with young minds and nurture their infant ideas into written pieces of literature. Later, as she gained a deep understanding of life, she took on the mantel of a life coach and motivational speaker combining her multiple skills to help people to transform and find their life's core purpose through writing. She then extended her motivational writing to the spoken word, thus donning a new cap as a speaker for children and youth. Writing and mentoring are not just her passions. It is something that sustains her spirit. 

Her professional qualifications include a Masters in Communication and Journalism, PG Diploma in Advertising and Corporate PR, Diploma in Training, Certificate Course (Supporting Adolescent Learning, Social and Emotional Well-being) and a Master Life Coach Certification.

The Author 

....Stories are not pieces of fiction.

They are the quintessence of human lives and their raw emotions....

With her unique style of writing that has won her many fans, Asha is establishing herself as literary brand. Her stories have a quality that make her readers relate to the characters very intimately. She taps into the deepest emotions of the characters and evokes sentiments in the reader, a feature that has made Asha a much loved author of our times. 

As a weekly columnist for Khaleej Times, she wrote hundreds of articles that examined life and living, and her columns have often been regarded as poignant and insightful. It gave her a new identity as a writer who could touch people’s lives with her words. After dabbling with poetry for a while, the author in her recognized the power of stories to touch lives, and it inspired her to start her own blog and a whatsapp broadcast group called ‘Filter Kaapi with Asha’ where she posted small stories drawn from life. What sets her writing apart is its emotional quotient. She tends to look into the soul of her characters. Not being judgmental in the least, her stories and characters strike a chord with her readers. Her writing is often described as soulful, poetic, deep and flowing.

She finds short stories to be an excellent medium to connect with her readers, more because when people are busy and are hard-pressed for time, short stories give them literary gratification without having to invest too much time and effort into it. Also, she enjoys writing short stories more than any other genre as it gives her an opportunity to look through the prism of life from various angles and encapsulate its essence in a few pages.

The Writing Coach 

...Writers are not born.

They are created by the power of human thought...

Can creative writing be taught? 

It is a question that Asha has been asked  several times in the 20 years that she has been training children. Asha doesn't believe in 'teaching children to write'. Her mentorship is based on the philosophy of preparing the soil and watering the seeds with so much care that the plant grows on its own. Her unique methods of inspiring children to take up the written word and find a better version of themselves thereby has made her a well sought after guide for children. Asha is now a writing coach for adults as well, training professionals lacking business writing and communication skills, wannabe writers looking to sharpen their literary skills and anyone who wants to explore the power of the written word. 

She started coaching online circa 2010, which is long before Corona struck. Her one-on-one and group live classes have helped students break their mental blocks about writing and made them believe in their hidden potential.

Motivational Speaker
Life Coach

...Life, to me, is being aware of and embracing each moment there is... 

It was an unexpected opportunity to write for Khaleej Times in 2010 that led Asha to combine her twin interests of writing and exploring life concepts as a veritable offering to her readers. The path to her becoming a life coach was thus paved, and today, she is a certified master life coach with plans to launch courses that will train people to decipher life and resolve its multiple dilemmas through writing. Her life manifesto is to empower people, specially children and young people to examine their life, take charge of  it and transform using the power of word and expression. 

She draws her inspiration and wisdom from her understanding of life lessons found in spiritual texts, the essence of which she imbibes from constant introspection. Her speaking sessions have had invaluable impact on students, inspiring them to write and to look at life closely. 

Her recent motivational speaking sessions -

* Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, India

* Oakridge International School, Bangalore, India

* New Indian Model School, Dubai

* GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

* Nirmala College for Women, Coimbatore, India


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